Founder & testimonials

Fadi Majaj - Founder & Mananging Director

Humaneyes was founded by Fadi Majaj, executive coach and senior consultant, with two decades of international experience in transformation, leadership, and management.   Having worked all over the world, with multiple different cultures, and in a wide range of industries, Fadi acquired many insights through his experience.

The common thread and most compelling of all his insights, is that only by paying attention to people - and not to performance – real transformation becomes possible, and that wherever empathy is present in a culture, the quality of their performance is exceptional.

Fadi’s passion for people inspired him to establish Humaneyes as a vehicle to share his most valuable insights, and to contribute to thriving communities.

“Humaneyes is not for those who want to make the most out of their people, it is for those who want the best for their people”   -  Fadi Majaj

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Bob Gallant - Senior Global Manager, Google Inc.

"I have had the pleasure to work with Fadi on a complex oil and gas project over an extended period. Fadi is a high performing consultant and has exceptional communication skills in addition to technical ability. He has  the ability to maintain composure in high stress environments, while being effective in achieving very positive, impactful results. Fadi is a natural leader and is well recognized and respected as such. I would recommend his skills to any organization that is seeking to improve, enhance unsafe behavior, resolve conflict and develop high performing leaders. He is at the top!"

Clinton Connell - Branch Manager, Eagle West Crane & Rigging

“Fadi has a unique blend of “generous listening” and emotional intelligence that combined add a genuine nature to his approach which, in my opinion, is generally lacking in the world of traditional consultancy. Fadi possesses a level of objectivity that truly allows him to see each person’s own perspective without judgment, and offer a truly unbiased path forward to resolving conflict. He worked with people from every level of our organization and was able to quickly establish a level of trust and comfort with even our biggest skeptics. Fadi’s humanistic approach to how people at work engage with each other quickly crossed over to every aspect of the business. The legacy of what he began lives on here in full force and is evident in every engagement between employees. I cannot recommend Fadi highly enough, and would welcome anyone to contact me for a personal reference.”

Yousef Elouty - General Manager, INIMEX International

"Fadi helped us free over 25% of the General Manager's time by introducing time management skills and suggesting operational restructuring. He also helped us to set up a management leadership team with clear accountabilities. The leadership team has been functioning as expected resulting in clear planning, well informed decision making, and effective coordination between departments. Fadi's contribution helped us to overcome critical challenges and resulted in increased efficiency, productivity, and growth potential. We recommend him to other businesses seeking a breakthrough in their performance."

Gavin Duzsik - HSE Manager, Tazarmc Inc.

"Fadi changed my career!! My conversations with Fadi on "generous listening ", how people see me, and what it really means to have an open door policy were very valuable. We can say it, however if people are uncomfortable or intimidated to come through an open door, then it’s not really an open door. Fadi made me understand, more importantly gave me the tools to listen generously and appreciate what people are saying. Thank you Fadi for opening your door for me, so that I may open my door for others.”