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Humaneyes is a leadership and organizational effectiveness consultancy founded on the following three principles:

* It is only by paying attention to people  - and not to performance - real transformation becomes possible

* Wherever empathy is present in a culture, the quality of performance is exceptional

* Always greet complexity with simplicity, by simply bring it back to people

we provide

Team-Building and Alignment Workshops

 Designed to enhance organizational effectiveness and business culture transformation

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Effective Leadership Workshops

 Designed to develop leadership skills and effective communication

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Safety Leadership Workshops

Designed to reinforce a proactive safety culture and enhance safety performance 

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Executive Coaching

 Designed as a sustainability support and follow up to the provided workshops 

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Team Building and alignment

Humaneyes Team Building and Alignment Workshop enhances organizational effectiveness by instilling empathy as a core business culture value. It allows people to connect on a deeper level, communicate effectively, and align on the best way forward. The workshop creates an engagement platform that encourages authenticity, trust, and mutual respect and understanding. Teams gain a sense of belonging, inclusiveness and joy, which empowers them to constructively resolve conflicts, be more proactive, creative and collaborative. The workshop transforms organizations into thriving communities with higher employee retention.



* Learn how to effectively engage and connect with other team members

* Develop deeper understanding and appreciation for other peoples’ different perspectives 

* Explore the power of listening and constructive use of language 

* Practice authentic acknowledgement and appreciation  

* Acquire the tools to effectively communicate expectations and generate an alignment 

* Take objective and considerate actions based on clarity and mutual understanding

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"The workshop offered many interesting concepts, which could essentially be applied to not just business practices but also on a personal level. Great workshop!" 

"Thank you for giving us the tools to make a change."

effective leadership

Humaneyes Effective Leadership Workshop is a transformational experience that provides participants with leadership tools essential to effectively communicate and engage. This half-day highly interactive workshop explores empathy and its valuable impact on our daily interactions, both personal and professional. It will help participants to constructively address challenges and resolve conflicts, become more considerate to the consequences of their decisions and actions, and elevate their capacity to inspire, motivate and guide!



* Expand their sense of self-awareness and how they show up in the real world  

*  Learn how to better understand and appreciate other peoples’ views and opinions 

* Acquire effective communication skills by exploring the power of listening and constructive use of language

* Explore the importance of expressing acknowledgement and appreciation

* Learn the art of communicating expectations and achieving effective alignment 

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"Highly recommended workshop for leadership and employees, but also for personal growth and learning self-empathy." 

"Thank you, it was the best workshop I've ever attended."

safety leadership

Humaneyes Safety Leadership Workshop sets an organization on track for continuous improvement in safety performance. By introducing the innovative Humaneyes Formula for Safety Performance, an organization is transformed into a proactive community that anticipates and addresses safety signals before they evolve into real safety problems. It is through the quality of daily engagements that an organization is capable of surfacing an infinite number of opportunities to improve and sustain a safe environment. The workshop unlocks a safety culture in which people take and share personal responsibility for safety.


executive coaching

Humaneyes individual and group coaching sessions are designed as a follow up to the provided workshops. The intent of the coaching is to sustain the practice of Humaneyes principles in order to continually develop effective leadership skills and maintain a thriving culture of trust, respect and mutual understanding. The coaching keeps human connections at the forefront, since most people tend to go an extra mile and engage beyond the ordinary when they feel heard, understood and valued.




"It changed my career! Our conversations on generous listening, how people see me, and what it really means to have an open door policy, were very valuable." 

"It helped us free over 25% of the General Manager's time by introducing time management skills and suggesting operational restructuring."

"I would recommend this to any organization that is seeking to improved and enhance unsafe behaviour, resolve conflicts and develop high performing leaders."


  • Team-Building and Alignment
  • Leadership Skills Development
  • Safety Leadership
  • Executive Coaching
  • Strategy Alignment Workshops 
  • Leadership Alignment for Mergers and JVs
  • Facilitation of Problem-Solving Meetings  and Brainstorming Sessions
  • Culture Change and Cultural Surveys
  • Upgrading existing initiatives and programs
  • Custom-design interventions for Organizational Change

Vision . mission . objective

Humanize business culture for a collective rewarding experience


Our vision is to allow for a collective rewarding experience whereby people at every level of an organization recognize the impact of their actions on others and their contribution to the overall experience.

Instill empathy as a core cultural value


Our mission is to see empathy engrained as a core value in every organization worldwide. Our capacity to comprehend the experience of others without judgement is a unique human quality. It allows people to take objective and considerate actions based on clarity and mutual understanding. It is also a value that takes concerted effort to put into practice, and is considerably underutilized in today’s business world.

Elevate the human experience through authentic engagement


Our objective is to help people to recognize their interdependency and to connect and engage with authentic intent for each other, resulting in a more humane, positive and joyful experience. The natural by-product of such transformed culture is an enhanced and more sustainable business performance.

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