Organizational effectiveness

Humaneyes Organizational Effectiveness is a 3-step process to build effective teams through empathy and engagement. The process allows people to connect on a deeper level, communicate more effectively and align on the best way forward. 

It can be applied at any one or more levels of an organization and is ideal for change management, project launch, interdepartmental alignment and improvement of ongoing operations. 

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Step 1: Listen & Learn

This step allows an organization to transform into a learning community. It is about listening to the different perspectives people hold and why they hold them, learning about the prevailing dynamics within the culture, and acquiring insights on what it would take to operate more effectively. This process generates a sense of inclusiveness, respect and trust and allows for proactive and well-informed decisions by the team and organization.

Step 2: Share & Align

This is an Alignment Exercise during which participants go through a safe environment to share their insights, identify opportunities for improvement and align on the most effective way forward. During this step participants will create a vision to guide their path, negotiate specific job-related expectations and commitments and establish an accountability mechanism to ensure effectiveness and sustainability.

Step 3: Engage & Enrol

During this step, Humaneyes will co-design an Engagement and Enrolment process to solicit the buy-in from extended layers of the organization and define specific actions to support the outcomes of the Alignment Exercise.

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